Green & Lonely

by Christmas Fuller Project

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Effortless pop melodies married with unconventional song structures. A record about humanity, divinity, and love.


released January 1, 2009

Tyler Ceola: piano, keys
Brandon George: lead vocals, guitar
Cameron Heger: drums, glockenspiel, percussion
Aaron Hopwood: bass, vocals, guitar

Adam Putman: guitar, lap steel, percussion, vocals

ARRANGEMENTS by Christmas Fuller Project
MUSIC AND WORDS by Cameron Heger (track 2) and Aaron Hopwood (tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5)

RECORDED AT Insomniac Studios (
DESIGN BY Cameron Heger, Aaron Hopwood, and Nick Roland

Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Our gracious & supportive families. Our patient & encouraging friends. Everyone who has ever supported us in any capacity. Adam & Cadence. Berto & Sus. Berenise & Vanessa. Robert & O’Hare. Ireland & Mexico. You.




Christmas Fuller Project Fayetteville, Arkansas

Christmas Fuller Project was an indie pop/rock four-piece based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. CFP formed in 2005 as an outlet for four singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists to further craft their songs in a full-band setting. Over 3 iterations, the band included Brandon George, Tyler Ceola, Cameron Heger, Aaron Hopwood, and Nick Roland. ... more

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Track Name: Referencing Frost
Oh, my heart, the cold!
The numbness in my hands.
The gloves I stole from Mom.
The weakness of my skin.

Oh, my God, the time!
The paleness of the light.
The fire in my house.
The promises to keep.

I drive across an icy highway.
How will I die?
The streetlights burn like late desire.
How will I sleep?

What hope
for the uncovered man
in the chill of night?
Or the garden he made
when the fire arrives?
What hope?

God to me and God to be,
Jesus Christ up on a tree,
three to know and one to see.
Track Name: Desert Girls
Two sisters with black bangs like their mom
celebrating the bulb
that chose to light the room
they shared with mom and dad.

I saw one’s socks, her shoes were with holes.
I saw one’s well-worn hands.
Still they jumped and still
they clutched their gifts so tight.

You might cry for me,
but I cry for you no more.

With their heads on my shoulders,
one read a verse that she knew.
The other colored paper.
Their father laughed.

In this desert, within walls
of cinder block and foam,
I saw blessings received,
yet hearts kept pure.

I cry for you no more.
Track Name: Airports
I’ve flown too much this year.
There’s a fear of weapons:
shoes and toothpaste, bottled water.

One flight was delayed by weather
when a fast summer rain did enough in Chicago…

Two brave planes hit each other;
the rest roll back to their gates
like soggy Cubs in Wrigley
who don’t get to play.

What really does it take to get away?

Flooded Greeks on CNN fight Paris for airtime.
Starbucks sells itself.
There’s music in my headphones,
American money in my wallet.
I’ve got some yellow-paper ideas
I’ve got to get off of the ground.

Some thoughts make it off of the tarmac,
finally airborne—departures, connections, returns.
What really does it take to get away?

In a sunnier terminal, I saw a bird stuck inside.
I picked out some lines to make a song—
they rhymed too much and ran too long.
So I scratch them out and scribble two new
and hope they keep me up this flight.

A power’s born in the quick and free,
and it seems to get trapped in airports.
Track Name: Green & Lonely
This island stretched and laid out
face down in the ocean,
a blight in her back.

I am half as big as the universe
and half as small

Heaven sent me to you,
through blue, red, pink, yellow, blue—
the deep is the graveyard sea.
The Sun is a star

God’s teeth scrape skin
off her black butter back.
His tears flush bogs (blush bogs)
and rain.

I am half as big as the universe
and half as small

Sunset chasing, picturing;
east Atlantic vanishing.
God horizon, fairyland,
muddy river, fallen man.

A stone in my hand:
This is all that is made.
Track Name: Five Points
Love me, say what you mean to me,
say what I mean to you.
You left me some things to read;
I hold them like drying letters.
Three lights shine across the room:
the fire inside the wall,
the lamp in the southeast corner,
the fixture above the door.

Your hands, your feet, your hands.
Your side, your side, your side.
Your body low, hung high for me.